A Delos Rug is an amalgamation of old meeting new in design; a blending of artistry and technology. With the invention of the Delos Rug, designers can now design without compromise. At Delos Rugs, we don’t refer to designers as customers; on the contrary, we refer to them as creative partners. The only mission of Delos Rugs isthe exploration of a floor’s design potential. The Delos Rug design process removes all obstacles and boundaries, freeing the designer to make any statement without the standard limitations set by rug companies. So we ask you again, “Why get a rug, when you could get a Delos Rug

 The Delos Made-to-Order Program is the most versatile program in the rug industry today, allowing customers to re-color, reshape, and resize any of our designs from a selection of 6 different rug qualities, 6 Color Palette options (over 300+ colors), and any shape and size.

The Delos Custom program is a friendly program for the client who can’t locate what they want with our stocked or Made-To-Order program. Delos has several top artists on staff willing to work with inspirations, such as fabric and photos, as well as your suggestions to give you several options from which to choose. Custom rugs range in complexity from thesimplest, such as pulling an element from a fabric to comprise a border rug, to the interpretation of original artwork.

Altering any of the predetermined options such as color matching, non- traditional shapes, or using your own design artwork defines a custom rug. A Delos creative partner representative can help you with all stages of this process.

The Delos Pre-Designed Service is a hands-off approach to the Made-to-Order purchasing process. Rugs purchased as “Pre-designed” will have no changes in color, construction or pattern design. However, a rug’s shape and size can still be specified. A rug color search is provided below allowing a quick to find method to match a pre-designed rug with a room’s decor.