Made to order in Canada


Since 1991, Dinec has been synonymous with luxury and diversity in the wood furniture industry. As a Canadian designer and manufacturer, we favour solid North American birch in our creations. The natural beauty of this variety of wood adds warmth, richness, elegance and distinctive character to your home.

Another unique Dinec feature is the speed with which we can easily customize the furniture you need. Our production cycle is based on a short manufacturing time. Dinec’s 600 dedicated employees (designers, engineers, cabinetmakers, technicians, and customer service agents) work quickly and diligently to ensure that each piece of furniture is custom-made to perfection, according to your specifications.

CREATE the home of your dreams, fulfilling all your needs, whether your favourite style is contemporary, transitional or traditional.

HARMONIZE the furniture with your decor, to give a fully integrated look to your dining room, bedroom or other areas of your home.

PERSONALIZE each piece of furniture by choosing unique elements that reflect your own taste and personality: shape, size, colour, finish, fabric, leather, etc.

{ Design } { Harmony } { Superior quality } { Customer satisfaction }

The environment in which our children are born is always a concern for our family owned business. Dinec makes all efforts possible to protect the environment and ensure nature’s long term survival. Here at Dinec, we all share a common ideology: it is the small everyday gesture that will make the difference! That is why we use every sheet of paper on each side before recycling it. We also recycle ink cartridges, all packaging material as well as every piece of wood that enters our plants. We provide all our employees with lunch bags and mugs in recycled material to cut down on the use of Styrofoam cups and plastic bags. On a greater level, all our computer related material is eco-energetic and whenever applicable without affecting the quality of our furniture, we use pollution free machinery in our manufacturing process. We also use hydroelectricity as often as possible, a clean energy. To reduce carbonic gas emissions, we reduce the shipping of our products by consolidating orders at our distribution center and sending trucks on the road only when they are full. We take the time to select certified and responsible suppliers in the industry and we verify where the wood we use in our plants comes from in order to protect our forests. But we feel that the best way to be ecological and to protect our environment starts by producing quality products. Remember the furniture you saw at your grand-parent’s home…beautifully constructed to last for generations. The Dinec quality furniture, built from North American solid birch wood will find its way in your children and grandchildren’s house! It’s guaranteed! Dinec not only takes care of the environment, but also takes part in community life as well. Each year, we contribute financially to great non-lucrative organisations, such as the Quebec Cancer Society, the Montreal Heart Institute, Maison de jeunes L’Éveil of Louiseville, the Groupe Populaire d’Entraide, the National Woodworking School, and other organisations assisting youth in dispair.